On-Site Massage

Revitalise your workforce with seated massage, head massage, and remedial massage

Regular on-site massage can boost energy levels, improve morale and potentially reduce staff turnover and absenteeism.

On-site seated massage is an effective and versatile therapeutic treatment using many different styles of massage that can be on the back, shoulders, neck, arms, hands and scalp.

The massage focuses on the upper body and usually consists of a 15-30 minute routine applied through the clothes, while the client sits on one of our ergonomically designed chairs or a desk chair.

• Reduces anxiety and relieves stress

• Immediately relieves shoulder and neck tension

• Regular treatments also reduce the likelihood of more serious musculo-skeletal conditions developing such as Repetitive Strain Injury or scoliosis and can help identify ‘at risk’ staff.

• Providing a service that is highly visible, beneficial for health, enjoyable to receive and perceived as high value is a very effective employee motivation.

Corporate on-site seated massage reduces the likelihood of absence from work due to stress-related conditions, shows a progressive approach to the wellbeing of employees and increases staff morale and motivation, helping to improve productivity.


Prices depend on location, length of appointments, regularity and the number of massages. We can charge by massage, by the hour or by the day or half day.

For an informal indication or a formal quote, please call Louise on 07711-442263 or email louise@holisticwellbeing.org.uk.

In just 10- 20 minutes, experience complete relaxation through the release of stress and tension.