Detox Facial Massage

This is a deeply cleansing and restorative massage: the ultimate in facial massage leaving you with brighter and rejuvenated skin and a wonderful feeling of wellbeing.

 Beneficial Effects of the Treatment:

  • Clearer and cleaner skin
  • Reduced puffiness around the eyes
  • Reduced fluid retention
  • Improved skin tone
  • Increased overall vitality
  • Decrease in muscular tension at neck and shoulders
  • Improved sleep

By combining precise stimulation of acu-points of the face and the powerful detoxifying effects of manual lymphatic drainage – you will experience a deeply restorative treatment leaving you with brighter and rejuvenated skin. It can also help reduce sinus congestion and puffiness. This treatment includes massage to the neck and scalp.

What does Detox Facial Massage involve?

  • Precise stimulation of key acupressure points of the face
  • Manual lymphatic drainage techniques to help speed up lymphatic detoxification
  • Tension releasing techniques to the neck and scalp
  • Energising stretches and mobilisations

Facial Detox