Sports Focussed Massage

Sports focussed massage volunteering
Louise volunteering at Swallowfield 10+3

Sports focussed treatments can include deep tissue massage, joint mobilisations and stretches depending on the needs of the athlete. 

Benefits include:

  • Relief of muscular aches and pains
  • Improved flexibility
  • Reduction in tension and help in relaxation
  • Increased sporting performance
  • Prevention of injuries
  • Reduction of recovery period following injury or intense activity

Received regularly, massage can help athletes prevent injuries that could otherwise be caused by overuse.  Constant tension in the muscles from regular activity can lead to stresses on joints, ligaments and tendons as well as the muscles themselves. 

Post Ironman Recovery  Massage
Recovery Massage is vital immediately after Iron Tri and 3-4 days later

Louise can tailor each massage to the athlete and the impact their sport(s) have on their body.  By using deep and lighter tissue massage and trigger point work, together with stretching techniques, massage is an important part of any ongoing sports program and can be vital to help recovery after excessive exercise.

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